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Action Movie Heroes and Horror Movie Villains
excerpt from Everything Explained Through Flowcharts
Harper Collins

The purpose of this chart was to see who kills more people in the movies: heroes or villains. I chose 24 of each, watched all their movies (yes, it took a long time), counted up the kills, and guess what? The heroes killed more people.
In action movies, the violence is supposed to exciting. It propels the story forward. So heroes kill a lot of bad guys very quickly, and we're not supposed to linger over the deaths of these faceless villains and henchmen.
But in horror movies, the violence is supposed to scare you. It's literally horrifying. The viewer is forced to experience the full gravity of each and every death, and that takes time.
Viewed with that information in mind, horror movies are less immoral than action films because they don't trivialize violence.