Harsh Realities
September, 2012
Rowan University Art Gallery
Glassboro, NJ

"Harsh Realities" presents the art of stop motion animation (clay, puppets, toys, dolls, cut outs, and surface alteration) as it explores - through theatre, humor, drama, and metaphor - the resilience of the human spirit within difficult and challenging circumstances.

The artists include Martha Colburn, Eric Dyer, Laura Heit, Jennifer Levonian, Mickey Please, Allison Schulnik, Stacey Steers, Christopher Sullivan, and Karen Yasinsky.

Co-curated with Jenn Thwing, Assoiciate Professor of Art at Rowan University and Joshua Mosley, Professor of Animation, and Department Chair, University of Pennsylvania and Mary Salvante, Gallery and Exhibitions Program Director, the exhibit is supplemented by a series of lectures, workshops and screenings: Mosley lectures on the History of Animation and his own stop motion work on Thursday, September 13 at 5 pm in the Bozorth Hall Theatre; Sullivan presents a theatrical screening of the feature-length animation, "Consuming Spirits", on Thursday, September 20 at 5 pm in Bozorth Hall Theatre.

Harsh Realities