Curator / Organizer
December, 2009- 2010
Nexus Foundation for Today's Art
Philadelphia, PA

Supergirl! is an exhibition of video works and performance by 15 nationally and internationally recognized
female artists,. featuring video work by:Jenny Drumgoole, Kate Gilmore,Miranda July, Shana Moulton, Liz
Nofziger,Rebecca Parker,CintraWilson, SayaWoolfalk, JodyWood.

I conceived of, co-juried, and co-organized the exhibition proceedings including co-writing the
prospectus, choosing and communicating with the artists, designer and panelists, co-writing grant material and
coordinating the exhibition details.

The artists in Supergirl! represent themselves as uber?women,mecca?warriors and transformer characters.
The representation of these characterizations focus on the super?heroic or the super?villainous and includes
ideas of irrational transformations, achieving the impossible, the body as tool, physical transcendence
and hypersensitive awareness.

The exhibition includes:

1. A floor exhibition of video works and an opening performance by NewYork artist, JodyWood.

2. A 48 hour Supergirl! film competition including local and national artists.The competition was co-presented
with the Philadelphia Independent Film andVideo Association.

3. Weekly screenings of popular media including the Power Puff Girls,Aeon Flux,WonderWoman, etc.

4. A Panel Discussion hosted by Moore College of Art, Participants include: Julie D.O'Reilly, Ph.D.,Assistant
Professor of Communication andWomen's and Gender Studies,Heidelberg University; SayaWoolfalk,
Artist and Film maker; Jennifer Camper, Cartoonist (Juicy Mother); Dr. Kevin Richards, Ph.D.,
History of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art;Moderated by Astria Suparak,Curator,Miller Gallery